ExamineTheTruth.com is a website dedicated to presenting a positive message to all communities, nationally and internationally, and the promotion and defense of free thinking. ExamineTheTruth analyzes falasies and thruths and compares it to known fact. In all our analyses we use logic and evidence to promote the truth of whatever subject we may be covering at the time. The purpose of this website is to have a place of free thinking and expression without being impacted by sponsors or money.


Our Honesty
We know what it’s like to be┬ámisrepresented. We definately do not want to do that to others. For example, whatever objection we raise, we will work hard to find the best defense. We are fully committed to accurately bringing both sides of an issue. Our goal is that you do not need to go to any other place to get a defense of an argument. What else can I do to make this website more balanced? Please email us.