Fresh Content Is Key To Search Engine Optimization

Why Fresh Content is Key to Your Website and SEO Success

Online, your website is in a stream of Darwinian competition when it comes to search rankings. In order to get new visitors and customers, every update you make to your site plays a part in it’s search engine ranking. Websites without updates are like dead fish falling to the bottom of the ocean, and are treated as static “dead” history to Google and other search engines.

Fortunately, if you update your website often with fresh new content, search engines will love you and rank you to the top pages.

But how does fresh content push your website to the top? Indexing.

The more often you update your website with fresh content like articles, new items for download, and new pages, the more often a search engine will visit your website to index it. When search engines frequently visit or “index” your site, you have more chances to get higher rankings based on your content quality.

Search engines use bots to scan the internet for sites and index them based on algorithms. These algorithms may include the number and type of subject keywords on a site, how often a site is updated, and how many incoming links there are to the site. Each time you make an update, the bots take notice and rearrange your ranking.

But just updating with a bunch of junk won’t get your site ranked well. Quantity and quality go hand in hand on rankings. A ton of low quality articles filled with SEO keywords will send a red flag and ruin your ranking. Posting updates once a day or even two to three times a week is enough to keep your website ranked as “frequently updated”, so just do it with reliable and interesting information. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask a professional like in your area. For Portland, I would just search “internet marketing Portland” and call the top 2 or 3 results. 

The easiest way to update your website with something that counts as quality information is to use a blog on your site to publish articles for your customers. Comments on these articles count as updates on your site, too, so the more your articles engage with your clientele, the more Google will take notice.

Content and Keywords, Hand in Hand Tools for Success

As you publish new articles, you create more opportunities for your site to contain keywords. These are terms that potential visitors to your site might type into a Google query and see your page in the results. Each article you post can help you optimize article content by using keywords that would be important to attracting the type of clients you want to see your business.

For example, if you offer dental service in Clackamas, Oregon, and want to get new clients, publishing two to three articles about dental care, insurance, and anything related to your field with terms like “dentist in Clackamas, OR” will help get your site associated with those query keywords. Each time you add an article, you help search engines see your website as a place searchers can find dental care in your area.

Remember that search engines change their algorithms, so simply writing a bunch of similar articles on dentists in Clackamas will not work. Write content that has your keywords, but only if they show up naturally in the information you’re creating for clients. Write content around what your readers need or want to read, rather than around the keywords. Instead, put the keywords in your meta tags, title tags, and descriptions for your keywords.

Updating your content with new information will not only keep your site worthy and relevant to your current customers, but will help you gain new visitors with the love you receive from Google and other search engines.

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